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Out Of Box Report for Access Rights

Question asked by nosreme on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by nosreme

We have implemented our access rights policies based on OBS hierarchy/nodes.   We are seeking any kind of out of the box reporting that displays the access rights by resource for a given OBS node unit or unit/descendants.


It seems for several releases now, that you can do gain view to this in the Admin Side of tool, but only at a resource level (Admin/Resources/Resources Access Rights tab) but that takes alot of time and then you still can download it if wanting to analyze or create your own reporting.   Thoughts?  I would have thought Clarity would have a least one canned report for instance, OBS, and global access rights that could be generated by Res OBS?  Or a drill down read only portlet for users or supervisor to audit the access of his or her resoruces.