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SPS Multiple proxy rules

Question asked by Richard.Leto on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by Josh Perlmutter

Hi All,


    I am trying to create a proxy rule which can have combination of 2-3 conditions like for hosts/URI's/header, I don't want to full fill all the requirements in one request, but I want to trigger them individually as per the incoming request I am not sure if this is achievable, I don't have a use case as such this came in a thought process, for example we have created proxy rules for an application who agrees to have a rule based on URI, now other application comes and they are not interested in  URI they need hosts or header or expression based rules.


I tried to create rules in this way but those are not getting saves or validated I hope that's expected because they were not full filling the proxyrules.dtd methods. So how can we achieve the above situation by installing multiple instances of SPS on same server? Or there could be some other way.


If someone have some example of proxyrules.xml getting this implemented please suggest.


Thanks in Advance.