threshold_migrator, baseline_engine and new probe releases

Discussion created by jonhcw on Apr 7, 2015
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I noticed a new probe called called threshold_migrator. Then I noticed updates in dirscan, logmon and ntperf.


dirscan: "The probe can be migrated to standard static thresholds using the threshold_migrator probe. The Admin Console GUI will be configurable using the standard static threshold block and the Infrastructure Manager GUI will no longer be available.". Logmon and ntperf say the same about the migrator probe, but nothing about the GUIs. dirscan still ships with the IM GUI in the package.


Looking at this, should I understand that CA is now shipping alarming away from probes and into baseline_engine? The appearance of baseline_engine etc seems to have suggested so for a while, but looking at these release notes it seems like they're sneaking in a major change in alarm flow on a practical level.


This has a bad feeling to it..