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What is the right protocol to use for table procedures ?

Question asked by Luc_Hermans on Apr 7, 2015
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I'm writing my very first table procedure in Cobol and had trouble with getting my procedure to run in OCF.  The protocols I tried were BATCH and BATCH-AUTOSTATUS because that's what I found in the IDMS brochures and I believe it is advised to do so.


However, when calling the procedure I got the following message :  PREVIOUS TASK ABENDED WITH ABEND CODE T038.  I first was misled and thought that disabling the SVC screening for SVC 56 (X'38') might be the solution but after that the whole LE setup got broken.  With those protocols, calling the procedures locally in batch worked fine however (which I think is a nice way to debug a table procedure).


After modifying the protocol to IDMS-DC it appears that the procedure CAN be called without any problem from within the OCF.  To my very surprise, it is even callable locally in batch with IDMSBCF (thus retaining the debug capabilities).


Of course I'm glad that the fun can now really begin but yet I am curious :  what am I overlooking for the BATCH and BATCH-AUTOSTATUS protocols not working in OCF ?




Luc H