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Export list view to Excel; Hyperlinks not working

Question asked by MatthewPalicki on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Suman Pramanik

(I'm guessing this will only apply to OnDemand users)

I'm running Clarity PPM 13.2 OnDemand, using Firefox 31 as my browser.


Very simple procedure; Go to the projects list view, filter for any desired results, use the standard method to "Export to Excel (data only)".


The resulting Excel file will have the Project Name listed as a hyperlink. Prior to any action, ensure that a browser window (Firefox v31) is already open, with an actively logged in Clarity session.


If you click on a hyperlink to any project name, it will open a second tab in the browser window, but it takes you to the OnDemand Portal login page and displays "You are signed in as <your login id>".


If you right click the hyperlink in the Excel file and select Edit Hyperlink, and copy/paste it into the URL Address of any browser window, it correctly takes you directly to the project properties as desired.


Another user reported this to me, but he reports that this does work correctly for some users. However he and I see this behavior in both Firefox and IE. So it indicates to me perhaps some incorrect browser or excel configuration?