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ca_pam_selectRadio function problem

Question asked by alealvarez on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Scott_Owens

Hi, i'm having troubles with a built in function. I have a radio option selection called "Form.Platform" with 6 option.


I have a javascript in my form that when i check an option performs a lot of processing (soap queryes and data manipulation). Based on the result of one query, I retrieved the value that i need to show preselected in the radio option but the built in function doesn't work (it does nothing in fact).


Problem line:

if (attribute == "Producto" ) ca_pam_selectRadio('Form.Platform','Form.Platform.Producto');


The code is reacheable, since i replaced the function with some alert(); to check if the code is never executed, but is executed fine. So anyone knows if im misusing the function or what mistake i've made?

Thank you very much.