Need help on Probe i18n

Discussion created by kaskr02 Employee on Apr 8, 2015

We are developing a UIM probe for zSystems.

Can some one point us to any documentation on how to add support for i18n in probe.

We are using Probe sdk 2.0.0 and UIM 8.1

The strings used by the zSystems probe fall into these categories, where each category might perhaps require its own solution:

•    In probe_schema.cfg, the “descr” and “name_label” fields

•    There are some hard coded strings in our Java files

•    In the <messages> section of zSystems.cfx, the “msg_ok” and “msg_err” fields

•    The description fields for our new entries in tables CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_DEFINITION and CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC_DEFINITION


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