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Assign user task to group

Question asked by milan.ziga on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by GregBunce

We have configured our EEM to use Active Directory to authenticate PAM users. We want to use Assign User Task operator in our PAM process. I have no problem to assign task directly to any PAM user but when I tried to assign task to any Service Desk group or Active Directory group  no group member can see the assigned task in "My Tasks" or "Group Task" queue in PAM interface. When such group member user try to access the task directly via URL then the error about missing permissions is displayed.  I can list all these tasks as PAM admin but when I want to transfer task to other person or group I'm not able to find any other users or groups.

I'm not able to find what condition have to be met to be able to assign correctly task to group. I'm also wonder why we cannot see any available users or group when we want to transfer task to other PAM user in task list.

Can anybody help me?