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Historical actuals (time slice issue)

Question asked by MatthewPalicki on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by MatthewPalicki

I'm trying to get some historical data on timesheet actuals from 2014. I'm running into an issue which I know is due to time slicing, but I am not sure how to resolve.


If I run a report such as "Investment Time and Estimate Review", and report on all time periods from 2014, the report returns data back as far as 01-April, but nothing prior to that.


Similarly, if I attempt to use any portlets to show actuals posted in 2014 using a time-scaled value, whether set to quarters, years, or whatever, I get the dreaded "time periods do not exist".


We've been fighting this since we first implemented Clarity. I know that you can create your own time slices buut that is discouraged by CA as it supposedly has a negative impact on performance. However we are tired of not being able to get the data we need.


Can anyone point me to instructions on how to create my own time slices - or better yet, does anyone have any suggestions on how I may be able to see historical actuals on investments (equivalent to the Investment Time and Estimate Review report) for ALL of 2014?