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sense of gold brick

Question asked by herma13 Employee on Apr 9, 2015
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can anyone explain the sense of the gold brick to me? I can see benefit in the idea of this, but not in the way it is done in Catalog (I tried it with 14.1)

1. In catalog I have the possibility to associate CIs to Services.

    Question: Why CIs and not Models? Every time a new CI is added to the MDB I would have to associate it to the Service.


2. When it then comes to fulfillment and I click on the goldbrick icon, APM opens and I can fulfill from inventory.

    Question: Why can I in this mask assign any CI to the request independent from what I configured in CI - Service association? I would assume, when I associate printer CIs to the "Procure Printer" Service, that I also only can fulfill this request with printers and not with, lets say Smartphones.

As it works right now, I see no sense in the CI - Service association.

And another question: Is there any way to see witch CI was assigned to witch service?


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