CA PPM Tuesday tips: Tips on having a successful Jaspersoft Installation

Discussion created by Nika_Hadzhikidi Employee on Apr 9, 2015
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Hello, fellow community members,


Here are some tips I wanted to share for successful Jaspersoft installation and configuration, some of them I found when doing the install myself with Oracle/MSSQL, some encountered as issues raised.


1. Only use the version of Jaspersoft provided with CA Clarity PPM (Jaspersoft 5.6.1 with Clarity 14.2). Also ensure you only use supported Database configurations as per CA Clarity Release Notes, other platforms are not supported/tested by us in case you have an issue.
2. If MSSQL is used, the schema owner should be PPM_JASPERSOFT, login can be another user.
3. Ensure you install a separate Tomcat instance from the Clarity one which you can download from Internet. The one that comes with Clarity is not having the scripts to run as service. You can still use a copy of it, but you will have to have command prompt open at all times you wish to run it.
4. On Windows: if you download Tomcat from, ensure you get the core installation files, not the Service Installer for Windows. If you mistakenly install only the Service Installer, your upgrade will fail with message:
startup.bat is not recognized
5. Ensure your Tomcat 7 installation is installed in a path with no spaces to it, otherwise the installation may fail on some environments because of a known Tomcat issue when doing the startup.bat
6. When installing Jaspersoft, ensure that Jaspersoft Tomcat is stopped. If you entered the port in Tomcat service, the installer will detect a conflict and warn you.
7. If you have to reinstall Jaspersoft, first reinstall Tomcat, and then also remove and reextract the Jaspersoft install files, and then start the install script. The reason behind this is that Jaspersoft install writes in both directories for JS install, and Tomcat/webapps, and may miss some of the files if restarted half-way.
8. Once installed, connect to Jaspersoft and pay careful attention to create the correct Organization or else your connection and Create Users job will not work. Enter the exact organization name, and user name in NSA. Then restart Clarity services and Jaspersoft Tomcat. Once you do this config, you should be able to configure the keystore with the commands.
9. Prior to running any Create Jaspersoft Users job, ensure that PMO is installed and Jaspersoft PMO content is installed. If it isn't, the job will complete, but no users will be created on the JS server and an error like this will be thrown in the bg-ca.log:
ERROR 2015-04-07 18:03:18,965 [Dispatch pool-5-thread-10 : bg@claritynam9 (tenant=clarity)] jaspersoft.ClarityJasperUserUtil (clarity:admin:5123542__1098F4BD-587C-4BC7-AD76-A2016C155EC1:Create and Update Jaspersoft Users) Failed to sync user with userName: test ::
at com.niku.union.reporting.jaspersoft.ClarityJasperUserUtil.syncUser(
at com.niku.union.reporting.jaspersoft.ClarityJasperUserUtil.syncActiveUsers(
10. If you have another issue with the Create Jaspersoft Users job, please follow the steps to solve it:


a) In CSA ensure the Organization name is the same as the one in Jaspersoft (should also be the same as the one CA PPM PMO-Jaspersoft components have been uploaded to)
b) Regenerate keystore files and copied to Tomcat directory as per Installation guide
c) Restart all Clarity services
d) Restart Tomcat service for Jaspersoft
e) Run the Create Jaspersoft Users job


11. For any issues with Jaspersoft, please consult the Jaspersoft logs at location:

Hope this helps to avoid any issues with the Jaspersoft install.


Kind Regards


Nika Hadzhikidi
CA Technologies
Principal Support Engineer