Introscope 9.7.1 jnlp initialization bug

Discussion created by rogelio.dipasquale on Apr 9, 2015

Hi all,


As CA recently released APM, I decided to upgrade a few of my clients deployments.

Install runs ok, but when you try to connect by using EM web server's jnlp, once you run Web Start, you get an exception naming that it cannot find xxxxx9.7.0.jar.


Nothing of this happens if you use local Workstation or WebView


To solve the issue, I decided to create sym links to all 9.7.1 jar files naming them as 9.7.0 in [EM_HOME]/product/workstation/plugins/




com.wily.introscope.workstation_9.7.0.jar -> com.wily.introscope.workstation_9.7.1.jar



Hope this is helpful (and the issue solved on 9.7.2)