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List form (list_bmhier.htmpl) customization

Question asked by gizmo1969 on Apr 12, 2015
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dabbling with a small customization that isn't working for me.  I'm trying to add an additional field to the list_bmhier.htmpl form (Configuration Item>CMDB Attributes tab>CMDB Relationships tab).  I already have one additional field added that is not OOB and now need to add another one.  The field I want to add is support_contact1_uuid which is detailed on the Contact, Location , Organizations tab on a CI.


For the field that works I have in the form....


<PDM_MACRO name=lsWrite text="var cnt_persid = \"@{}\";">


<PDM_MACRO name=lsCol hdr="Primary Contact" attr=child.resource_contact fmtfunc=zGetNameAsUrl >


Using this as a temple for support_contact1_uuid I added,


<PDM_MACRO name=lsWrite text="var cnt_persid = \"@{list.child.support_contact1_uuid:}\";">


<PDM_MACRO name=lsCol hdr="Support Contact 1" attr=child.support_contact1_uuid>


Yet, unlike Primary Contact it hasn't been pulling the information through.


Any ideas/pointers?