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LISA VSE - Unable to virtualize CA CSM https call

Question asked by yadmu02 Employee on Apr 11, 2015
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I am trying to virtualize a service desk login operation which is an https call that returns:


URL: https://host/ServiceDesk/sd/odata/login?

POST: no payload

Result : -

{  "d": {

    "JSONData": "{\"status\":\"success\",\"last_Name\":\"test\",\"first_Name\":\"test\",\"external_slice\":\"\",\"primary_org_logo_id\":\"\",\"external_user_id\":\"\"}"


While recording gave listening port, target host and port as 80. Did not select any other options on image recorder screen.

Now made a call from REST client by replacing host with LISA host and port. But I don't see anything getting recorded. Using LISA 7.5 with https in URL from REST request get captured but response is blank. With 'https' nothing is getting recorded.

Using LISA 8.x with http I am able to record request/response. But I need the URL to with https only.

Any suggestions? TIA.