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Naming Standards for CIs and SQL databases

Question asked by Corb on Apr 13, 2015

So, we have lots of SQL databases and in many cases there are standard databases that get built in SQL such as "master".  When it comes to decided which databases to bring into the CMDB this presents a bit of a duplicate issue.  One thought was to suffix the database name with "_sqldb" on the import script when naming the CI and although this would work for most of the application names, it does not resolve the "master" database names, of which there are many. 


Why is any of this an issue?  Because in the type ahead feature you will get multiple CIs with the same name if you don't find a way to distinguish them apart from each other.


Application CI = Application1Name

SQL Database CI = Application1Name_sqldb

SQL Database CI = master_sqldb


Application CI = Application2Name

SQL Database CI = Application2Name_sqldb

SQL Database CI = master_sqldb (duplicate from above and not allowed)


Are there any recommendations out there from other customers on a good CI naming convention standards or other suggesitons?