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Netowrk connection refused detection.

Question asked by Bravomao on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by Hallett_German


I'm doing an alert about "network connection refused by other systems" for my customer.

They told me some of their external systems are very unstable and they want to receive alert when these systems fail to response to java application.


I try to use Introscope Agent to issue this alert so I modified errors.pbd to add these settings.


TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: connect BlamePointTracer "Important Connection"

TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass: connect ExceptionErrorReporter "Important Connection:Errors Per Interval"


Yes I try to answer this question by receiving exception from (connectException)

After reboot the agent, I found that I can receive exception and error count also increased but I can't figure out which external system failed by their ip address. They all showed within the metric group named "Important Connection".


Is there any way to group the metrics by their ip address and port?