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Critical Role Hours Tracking - Needs to roll-up the same way as the NPV

Question asked by Zarko.Dolas on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by Catherine Schuman

Hi guys,


We developed a custom way of tracking our "Critical Role Hours" (simply a new checkbox within the Roles' properties).

Currently, the roll-hours are being displayed individually for each project and we added a functionality allowing to view the number of those "Critical Role Hours" on the Portfolio's Waterline page (works pretty well + no great impact).

What I've been asked to do now is to have those critical hours work the same as the NPVs. What is meant by "Same as NPVs" is that, this "new functionality" should

  1. Roll a Project's Critical Hours ( PLUS THOSE OF ITS SUBPROJECTS ) up at the Portfolio Level and be displayed on the Waterline
  2. The roll-up should occur only if the Portfolio in question contains ONLY the Master Project excluding its SubProjects
    • In case, there are both Master projects and their subprojects in the Portfolio, the Roll-up should not occur

I think this a little complicated one, since I haven't found a way to detect the event when the Current Portfolio "Syncs" + to identify efficiently when both of the above-mentioned Cases occur.

Any ideas? Or could this be tagged as an enhancement request to Clarity if nothing?

Thanks a lot for the help,