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Alternate method to apply workflow to Change in SDM?

Question asked by GregBunce on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by jw1

I am in the process of moving from CAWF to PAM - better late than never... smile.gif


Currently, workflow is associated with the Change Category, which means that once a change is saved, the workflow is applied based on the change category's assigned workflow.

For several reasons, I wanted to keep the workflow from being applied to the change until it entered the 'Submitted' status.

So, using a dummy 'Category' field, I created a SPL mod to apply the actual category only when the status moved from RFC to Submitted.

This kept me from having to create the workflow such that it continuously looped waiting for the change to move from RFC to Submitted before the approval process kicked off (which could be weeks).

However, this creates issues for the following reasons:

  1) The user can't add child tickets until the change is submitted (category applied)

  2) The user can't complete the risk survey until the change is submitted (risk survey in SDM, not part of PAM process)


I don't want to have 'draft' changes using up workflow engine cycles waiting for submission, so my question is:


Is there a better method by which I can apply the workflow when the change goes from RFC to Submitted status? (event trigger?)


Thanks for your thoughts on this...