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Is there a data protocol that apply for this message format structure?

Question asked by alvgu02 Employee on Apr 16, 2015

Hi All!


I'm preparing to virtualize Mainframe via WMQ. I have a message format structure and I want to ask to you if this message format is supported OOTB by CA SV? or if this message format resembles a standard format?. Have you seen something similar message format?


My understanding is each field has length and delimiter and looks like each delimiter is different for each field. I asked to if we can have some example but they couldn’t have it.


The field names and literals are in Spanish.



01 OPCION   OPCION                01 A    2    O      N      N
02 CR       CENTRO USUARIO        02 A    4    R      N      N
03 UGESTOR  GESTOR FIRMADO        03 A    6    R      N      N
04 USUARIO  USUARIO FIRMADO       04 A    8    R      N      N
05 PERFIL   PERFIL FIRMADO        05 A    4    R      N      N
06 NUMCLIE  NUMERO CLIENTE        06 A    8    R      N      N

I also know that encoding of message is EBCDIC.


Thank you very much for any tip or help you can give me.