Thursday Tip:  Running Jaspersoft as Service on Windows Server 2008

Discussion created by olivier.carrier on Apr 16, 2015
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Hello team


just in case you struggle with starting Jaspersoft as a Windows Service as I did for the past few days... Here are the exact steps to make it work:



Download from apache.org the following file:



Unzipped it in the following folder:


Run the following command:

tomcat7 //IS//JasperTomcat7 --DisplayName="Jaspersoft Tomcat 7" --Install="D:\apps\apache-tomcat-7-jp\bin\tomcat7.exe" --Jvm=auto --StartMode=jvm --StopMode=jvm --StartClass=org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap --StartParams=start  --StopClass=org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap --StopParams=stop --Classpath=D:\apps\apache-tomcat-7-jp\bin\bootstrap.jar;D:\apps\apache-tomcat-7-jp\bin\tomcat-juli.jar --Startup=auto


Open up Windows Services (services.msc):

Right click on Jaspersoft Tomcat 7 service and select Start.


that's it



Typical errors I have encountered when trying to start Jaspersoft as a Windows Service


after running the tomcat7 comand line I got no error messages but then in Windows Service when I tried to right click and Start the service I got a pop up error message...

in the System Event logs I found the following message:

The Jaspersoft Tomcat 7 service terminated with service-specific error The system cannot open the file..


Solution: --Classpath argument was MISSING in the command line to create the service (see above for the complete synthax with the classpath included...)

so you will need to first remove your wrongly created service (service remove JasperTomcat7)

then run the above command with classpath in it



maybe some conflicting ports could also be causing problems like 8080...


Solution: modify %tomcat-folder%\conf\server.xml to change the 8080 port to 8089 for example  and maybe also 8009 to 8099

then try to recreate (first remove it though with service remove JasperTomcat7 and then run the above command) you service and start it.



Hope it helps a few persons on this planet!