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Regarding CustomResult

Question asked by chandarvr on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by chandarvr

I am using a custom result option from evaluate expression [other than success and failure] based on some condition after evaluation


My preexecution is code is pasted below ,where in am trying to validate few variables and i need to call different operators based on two conditions


1) If requestuser is not present i will be update a file

2) else i will update a db

3) else if no errors call runssh operator

In the customport i added the expression (Process.errorlog == true) .

When i execute the process i am seeing that both paths are getting executed

1) Operator linked to Custom port created

2) runssh operator






if (!Process.requestuser){

  Process.FailureMessage ="common";


  setOperatorStatus("success", 0, Process.FailureMessage);


  if (!Process.Name){

  Process.FailureMessage +="Name is missing\n";



  if ((Process.FailureMessage != "") && (Process.errorlog!=true)){

     setOperatorStatus("Failure", 4, Process.FailureMessage);