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CABI 4.1 ODBC Error

Question asked by hernanlo_ on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Raghu.Rudraraju

Hi fellows,


after installing CABI 4.1 and SDM 14.1 i tried excecuting any report from infoview and rich client and i got same error :

"DBD: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error  193:  (CA Service Desk Manager(OA ODBC 32Bit), D:\CA\SC\CASD_ODBC\ivoa25.dll)."


I have configured SDM in high availability mode and i configured the sdm-cabi integration pointing the odbc to the application server (as the manual says). I also tried testing the connection in the universe designer and got same error. I only see the odbc agents intalled in the backgound server so i don't know if it is right or not cuz it's my first time with a high availability configuation.

I also tried running the sdm-cabi integration again with not luck and also reinstalling the odbc agents in sdm server.


What else can i triy??


Please any advice will be appreciated.