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Need more information on threshold_migrator probe.

Question asked by bob.davis1.1 on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by SueTibbetts

The new threshold_migrator probe is deployed in our development environment, but there are some questions about how it will treat our current logmon command output probes.

1.  Will it continue to store data as it does currently, using a watcher rule that uses the left side of the equals sign as its QOS target name and the right side as the value?  (Ex:  HostA_connections=1234 would be stored under the target name  HostA_connections).

2.  When using the baseline_engine probe at an interval of 1 minute instead of the default 1 hour, will the thresholds work after migrated?  This was unclear in the documentation.

3.  After running the migrator, would all new profiles have to be defined using Admin Console?

4.  If the results are not as desired, is there a way to roll back to the prior configuration?