Two New KBs: Sudden decrease or increase in TIM traffic/defects

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Apr 21, 2015

Dear Team:

Recently there have been a series of cases with a sudden decrease/increase of TIM traffic (and the related defects and statistics) . I have published one tech note on this topic (and maybe a second at another point.)


In the interim, I created two KBs:


How to tell receiving less traffic for APM CE (CEM)  TEC1252428


Hint: The sooner you determine there is a loss or gain, the more likely you can find proof in the logs.Note on a MTP, this is easier to do with the nqcapd logs


What to ask a network/security team if APM CE (CEM) traffic recently changed.TEC1344118


Some customers have anxiety to their networking/security/application teams about this topic.This document will help that conversation




Hal German