Service pack as a pre-req RO71145 and other Maintenance issues

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True RO74586 is documented to fix a S0C4 in OLQSSCAN


, problem is it has a service pack as a pre-req RO71145.

Sadly, If I have a critical production issue. I cannot simply put on a single PTF to resolve.  I must but on a service pack.

I don’t like this idea.



++PTF (RO71145)



PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Except for some special modules, CA IDMS maintains a common code base across all operating systems. This update reflects

maintenance and changes made in source modules for the 18.5 level across z/OS and z/VSE. New and updated features are described in the CA IDMS

Release Notes 18.5.00 2nd Edition.



CARS1408 has RO71145 and CARS1411 has RO74586 so you would need the maintenance up to CARS1411.
Use this site CARS.





The old superzap method of maintenance had it's downsides too, but it was handy when you needed to apply just one fix to a module or even back off just one fix.  I have a similar quandary now with recently released RO80338.  We don't have a zIIP processor, so if I understand correctly, we are not subject to the 0F8 that can happen which the fix addresses, but it touches so many critical system modules that it likely is soon to be a prereq. for something I do need to apply.  I'm also at a point where 18.5 is partially rolled out to production so that provides maybe some options but also some complications.   RO71145 I manged to get worked in before I started converting CVs and pretty much had to as it was a prereq. for a fix on an open issue I had.  RO71145 a prereq. for a large majority of what has followed so at some point I would think everyone on 18.5 probably needs to get it on to be positioned to be able to apply new maintenance.





rob.klan.1     Apr 21, 2015 8:12 AM    (in response to Fishman  

Hi John


In the event a need arises for a PTF, one must be “bleeding edge” production current.


If not, your positioned to be forced to rollout 10s, 100s and even 1000s of modules just for a single fix.


This model sure isn’t designed to simplify/reduce the daily/annual costs of IDMS, in does just the reverse.


Anyhow , Thank You for taking the time to reply.