CA PPM 14.2 web-based training available on the Education Portal

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The following courses* are now available for customers:


CA Clarity PPM 14.2: Time Management 200 (33CLR23540): This course is designed for project team members and managers. All aspects of timesheet-related functionality are explored. Procedures relating to submission of a timesheet are demonstrated, including how to access, populate, save, submit and make required changes. Procedures relating to review and approval of submitted timesheets are also demonstrated.


CA Clarity PPM 14.2: Core Components 200 (33CLR23560): Using this content, students will learn how to simplify project-related work using links, buttons, and tabs on pages to help ensure easy navigation. The content can be personalized or customized as each user prefers. Users can add and organize data on pages according to their individual needs. Users can also assemble and organize data portlets, create a personal dashboard, or place frequently used links in a section of the navigation pane. Filter fields can be augmented so that any user-initiated search returns specific data. Reporting features also enable users to refine report data. Users will learn about predefined project processes that can be run to automatically assign project actions to team members.


CA Clarity PPM 14.2: Demand Management 200 (33CLR23550): This content will show you how to create and manage ideas and incidents from inception to project creation. You will be shown how to create schedules and budgets and assign resources for ideas, ultimately leading to converting an idea to a project. Finally, this content will show you how to create incidents, identify and track effort, and convert an incident to a project or task.


Please contact your CA Technologies Education representative for details.


*These courses were created and driven by CA Productivity Accelerator.