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Query syntax help

Question asked by tzadell on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by tzadell

Our web services guy has a portal that shows a list of tickets assigned to groups that I'm a member of.  He wants to add a filter that is based on the analyst's customer location field in their contact record.  In other words, of the tickets that are assigned to groups that I'm a member of, show me tickets that are assigned to analysts that have a customer location of X (what they select in the filter).


He has tried the below query syntax, but is getting this error:  "Error fetching: AHD03124:Bad where clause. See log for more details."



((group = U'524B8E06EE02854D816BDBBF6B6216A1' AND ( LIKE 'IDC009%')) OR (group = U'D224F6501447A7429703122DD359938D')) AND active = 1 AND (type = 'I' OR type = 'R') AND parent IS NULL AND status != 'RE'


I've told him that I think his query needs to look for the assignee's customer location name, and not just the customer location name, since I think just the customer location name would be the location of the 'affected customer' in the ticket. 


Can anyone help with the syntax that would show what he's looking for?