Any productivity tools for DBAs available or in the works?

Discussion created by derek.flux on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by Cal_Domingue

I was wondering if CA has considered developing productivity tools for IDMS DBAs on Z/OS to help automate things like resizing areas, making structural changes to records, etc. I have worked with DB2 Z/OS for years and there are tools which generate the batch jobs to make changes like this and a "compare" tool to compare input files to the database and generate all the jobs to make the changes.


I find that just to resize an area requires a lot of manual research and batch jobs to be written manually and scrutinized very carefully.  To have most of the basic jobs generated automatically would be great. We would need to customize for our environment since we have to do the resizing on the files "outside" of the active CV's and provide .copy files allocated to the CV's to allow users to keep reading the current data while we enlarge areas.


Perhaps there are tools I don't know about.  Comments anyone?