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Setting an individual rate outside of the Rate Matrix

Question asked by Garrett.S on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Garrett.S

We have a lot of contractors that come and go, some have the same role, but different rates.  Is there a way to set a rate on an individual basis instead of using the rate matrix? We'd like to set a rate at the resource level so that it can be set once by a Resource Manager instead of having our Clarity admin constantly creating resource rates in the Rate Matrix. 


Part 2 of this question if the above isn't possible: Can a rate for a resource be set within a project?   We do use Cost Plan, Benefit Plans, Budget Plan and Transactions.


I do know that on the Resource - Application side, under the Resource - Properties - Financial subtab you can mark a resource financially active and also enter a Target Billing Rate.  When I did that and the PM created a Cost Plan, the Cost Total for that resource was $1/hour instead of $85/hr that we set in the resource Target Billing Rate.  The reason it was $1/hr was because we have a few "catch all" Matrix rows set at $1 if a resource only matches on the resource class in the Rate Matrix.