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Problems with knowledge base search using Admin tab

Question asked by karen.misconish on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by karen.misconish

Using Service Desk Manager (SDM) 12.7:


I did a search today for a series of documents I created that had different intros but the exact same title, i.e., Intro: Exact Same Title.


I wanted to find all instances of those documents (which I'd also inventoried on a spreadsheet). I'd created 22 KDs, and the search returned ... 20 results. I checked my parameters & tried again, and the search returned ... 20 results.


I searched the two specific "missing" results, popped open both. The attributes appear to be identical on all 22 documents, all 22 are indexed. Tried retiring, unretiring, and republishing one of the missing ones, and that didn't make a difference.


Thoughts? Because I'm thinking this is a bug in SDM, not in the configuration of the tool. Posting here before I contact our Admins to check into it to see if anyone has any wisdom to offer. Thanks.