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SSO: single logoff

Question asked by RajeshKA on Apr 27, 2015
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I have configured SSO for 3 applications, configuration as below



Installed web agent on Apache web server and configured reverse proxy on Apache.




I had created on page, logout/logoff.html, on apche web server and in each application logoff button I had given this logoff page url(http://fqdn/logout/logoff.html)


In ACO, logoffURI parameter is set as logout/logoff.html.


problem i am facing is:

after clicking logoff i am getting redirected to logoff page. but session is not getting terminated SMSESSION cookie still exists in browser.


I had added below code in html page for preventing cache. but, sometimes session getting terminating and sometimes not.




<META HTTP-EQUIV="Cache-Control" CONTENT="no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate">

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">






Please help me to resolve this issue