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SDM, IIS and IE Compability

Question asked by cdtj Champion on Apr 27, 2015
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Hi team!


We are running CA Service Desk 12.7 (CP2) on Windows Server 2008 r2 + IIS7.

And have faced a problem with some CSS customization thats look ugly in Internet Explorer browser.


OOT Service Desk 12.7 web forms have this meta:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

I tried to define it as IE8, Edge or disable this meta at all.

But all the time I've got IE7/8 Compat View.


Some sources says that this should be defined in IIS settings,

so I also modified HTTP Response Header in IIS,

but that gives no result.


Is there any idea how to force Internet Explorer load pages in normal, not compatibility, mode?



There is option in Internet Explorer: Tools > Compatibility view settings,

Display intranet websites in compatibility mode,

that solves my problem on client side but I'm looking the way to resolve it on the host side,

from this moment I think that this isn't Service Desk issue.



Seems like I asked my question in correct place

I have produced little test:

1. I called my test file as HTML and placed it in CAisd\html, it opened as regular web page and displayed correctly.

2. I have copied 1st file and placed it to htmpl folder, this file opened via OP=DISPLAY_FORM, but it's style was mashed.