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Query On External LISA DB

Question asked by SivasankaranNatarajan29 on Apr 27, 2015



I need a clarification regarding DB connectivity. In our project, we have configured an external DB (Oracle) which is running on a different server other than registry. We recently received a request from EM team to update patches on DB server which requires a reboot. As we want to avoid any downtime to LISA server, we are looking at the option of re enabling derby DB until external DB is up and running. Could you please let me know if it cause any connectivity issue between DB and LISA registry or any issues with reporting once external DB is configured again? Is there any other work around to avoid LISA server downtime?


I also have another question regarding LISA agents. We have Java agents running on Application Servers to record java calls. Whenever we have to restart LISA server we have to restart Application servers as well otherwise agents are not visible in the VSE recorder. This was not the case with LISA 6 versions but with 7.5.2 we are facing this issue again and again. Could you please advise us if this is the expected behaviour of LISA agents or we are missing something here?