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Is it possible to hide pdm_macro fields and retain their functionality?

Question asked by Grant Bruneau Champion on Apr 27, 2015
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We have resolution code as a required field upon changing the Incident status to closed and resolved.  On our employee forms we have code that will bring this field to the request_status_transition.htmpl and request_status_change.htmpl forms.  On the employee interface it will automatically select the resolution code Resolved By Customer.  When an Analyst selects a resolution code it will instead make that visible to the employee but give them the option to change it to Resolved By Customer.  Due to this behavior, I was wondering if anyone is aware of how to make the field hidden?


Here is the pdm_macro I'm working with.  I have tired adding hidden="yes" and I also followed a few generic javascript/css examples of how to hide fields, none of them worked here.  If it is possible to hide this field but still have it fill in the resolution code in the background that would be ideal.  If anyone has ideas/suggestions I would appreciate it!



<PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Resolution Code" attr="resolution_code" colspan="1" default="Resolved By Customer" make_required="yes" size="20" whereclause="sym = 'Resolved By Customer'">