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Subprocess inside test not updating when parent subprocess is changed

Question asked by KellinEHI on Apr 27, 2015



I am working with CA LISA 7.5.2 and we have created subprocesses for our service calls to reduce redundancy. Apparently, we have stumbled across an issue within LISA that will cause problems for us in the future. There was a major change made across all subprocesses, an Input parameter's default value was adjusted. Once this change was made, we were expecting for all the subprocesses to be updated with the current changes, but that was not the case. Inside the test, they were still showing the old default value for the modified parameter. The change did not take unless someone manually refreshed the subprocess located within the test.  Having to manually refresh the subprocess in every test in order for the changes to update presents a big limitation for us if this is the correct functionality. Is there a better way to update the subprocess? Is this expected functionality? Is this updated in 8.0.2? This issue alone will cause our team substantial maintenance time.