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XOG and Java 8

Question asked by Tim1302647 on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by Dave

My company is in progress of replacing Java 7 with Java 8 on all machines as 7 is no longer supported by Oracle.  Thankfully, Java 7 is installed within the MSP Schedule Connect package.  We are still able to use that tool as security will allow use of a JRE that was installed as part of a package.  Unfortunately, there is no JRE included with XOG and XOG will not run on any Java other than 7.  I looked into directing XOG to use the MSP Schedule Connect JRE but was informed by CA Support that that version is 32-bit and XOG requires a 64-bit version.  As we are on 13.3, the application-based XOG client is not an option for use either.  I looked into IT ROI's XOG & Query Bridge Tool linked to elsewhere on this community but they do not currently support their tool with Java 8.  Is anyone aware of other tools or workarounds available to run XOG with Java 8 installed?