Display multiple investment managers in Crystal Report parameter output

Discussion created by eabollinger on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Catherine Schuman

Question here for Crystal Reports developers.


Say we have a SQL command generated Crystal Report that simply lists project information. As parameters in the query I have created and set the following parameters;


AND   (0 IN {?param_investment} OR i.id IN {?param_investment})

AND   (0 IN {?param_i_manager} OR i.manager_id IN {?param_i_manager}).


Each parameter essentially gets either the investment_id (number) or the investment manager_id value (number), which is joined back to srm_resources table to display the project manager name.

Each parameter is allowed for multiple values.


In Clarity there are two parameters set, one for investment and one for the project manager, each associated to a browse lookup (joining on the internal id values as number as that is the sql value in the report parameters). No issue running the report for multipe investments or project managers, but I need to output all the parameter values (essentially 1 to n) somewhere on the report for either one selected.


Does anyone have some hints they can share on how to dynamically get the parameters to output on the report?


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