New to CA PPM - Portfolio Management

Discussion created by KS05 on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Catherine Schuman

Hi All,

I am very new to Clarity tool. In software I have almost 3 years of experience in which I have worked as business analyst for a year, support development in core ABAP for about a year and then as legacy system tester for  different SDLC phases. My new role involves master project creation in Clarity tool and spooling reports from SDLC reporting tool and then modify XLS report as requirement. How I see this happening is - requirement for master project comes in a standard XLS format, which we should then validate manually (proof-read sort of) based on certain rules we know. Is there any way to automate this? I do have hands-on knowledge in Java (core and web, though not a professional experience in java), if that is required, in which case I was wondering do we have list of standard tables and fields of Portfolio management (General tab, Financial, Project ownership, Associated Application, Master project funding, adjust debit rule tabs)? Also I would like to gather as many valid suggestions on how to handle outlook, if there are standard rules for that with respect to clarity. I am keen on learning about Clarity tool itself, as well as SDLC reporting and outlook management - learning every minor details and tricks from all of you. I would also appreciate it if someone can explain GL adjustments in depth.