Tuesday Tip - CA Mobile App Analytics (MAA):  Data Collection Profiles

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CA Mobile Application Analytics (MAA) Tuesday Tip by Victor Gonzalez, Sr Principal Consultant for Tuesday, April 28, 2015


CA Mobile Application Analytics 15.1 ushered in a variety of features.  One of the marquee features introduced has been the addition of Data Collection Profiles on a per app basis.  Why is this important?  I am often asked how much control do administrators have in what data is collected and how it is transmitted.  Good to know that with 15.1, administrators now have a set of knobs and dials for controlling what data is collected and how it is transmitted. 


The Data Collection Profiles can be accessed when registering a new app with CA MAA.  You may also modify an already registered app.  Select Apps from the left hand menu. 




From here you can either select an already registered app or select new app.



Data Collection Profile section is located at the bottom of the App page:




Here you will find 6 categories that can be modified based on the administrators requirements.  All of these items can be enabled or disabled by selecting the tick mark and not require any coding to make these changes. 


Items worth highlighting:


  • Send Data over network?  I am always asked if we could limit sending MAA data only when the mobile device is connected to WIFI.  By selecting ‘Only send when user is connected to WIFI’ addresses that concern.
  • Usage – Screen captures.  Screen captures has been a very welcomed feature.  Along with that feature comes the request to enable / disable it easily
  • Performance Metrics – Not all metrics are useful to all audiences.  Adding controls to not collect metrics you are not interested in on a per app basis will always be a welcomed feature!


Are there other controls for data collection and transmission you would like to see?  Feel free to add those below.