Tuesday Tip - Where is Designer in CABI 4.x ?

Discussion created by Raghu.Rudraraju Employee on Apr 29, 2015
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Hi everyone,


A quick tip that could save a few minutes of searching for anyone who is new to CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 4.x release.


- Designer in CABI 3.x is now called Universe Design Tool in CABI 4.x.

- It is installed when CABI 4.x Client Tool Components are installed. It is a separate installation that needs to be done after the CABI Server install, and is not part of the CABI Server installation like in the older releases.


More information on how to install the Client Tools can be found here: https://wiki.ca.com/display/CASM1401/Install+CA+Business+Intelligence#InstallCABusinessIntelligence-InstallCABusinessInt…