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Exchange 2010 issue while creating a mailbox through CA IDM

Question asked by jeevanreddy.s on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Bill_Patton

Hi all,


can any one face this below issue before, while creating a mailbox through ca idm.....


Cause: Active Dir. Account 'xxxx' on 'ActiveDirectory' creation failed: Connector Server Add failed: code 80 (OTHER-LdapNamingException): failed to add entry eTADSAccountName=sach-test,eTADSOrgUnitName=Users,eTADSOrgUnitName=***,eTADSOrgUnitName=***,eTADSOrgUnitName=***,eTADSDirectoryName=ActiveDirectory,eTNamespaceName=ActiveDirectory,dc=im,dc=etasa: JCS@hostname: JNDI: [LDAP: error code 70 - Added object: CN=***,OU=***,OU=xx,OU=xx,OU=***,DC=corp,DC=***,DC=com


Message=System.Management.Automation.Remoting.PSRemotingTransportException: Processing data from remote server failed with the following error message: The user "******" isn't assigned to any management roles. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.

]: failed to add eTADSAccountName=sach-test,eTADSOrgUnitName=***,eTADSOrgUnitName=***,eTADSOrgUnitName=***,eTADSOrgUnitName=*********,eTADSDirectoryName=ActiveDirectory,eTNamespaceName=ActiveDirectory,dc=im,dc=etasa (ldap//hostname:20411) Action: Synchronize provisioning role and add accounts for user "*** (***)": Failed to execute SynchronizeUserProvisioningRolesAddAccountsEvent.


Global User 'xx' provisioning role memberships added successfully. Associated accounts creation or update failed: (accounts created: 0, updated: 0, re-created: 0, failures: 1),