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Group / assignee link in Workflow Task 'Edit in List'

Question asked by camja06 Employee on May 1, 2015
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can anyone shed any light on why the Group / Assignee relationship is not enforced in the Classic Workflow task list (list_wf.htmpl) when 'Edit In List' is invoked?  The usual behaviour is seen on clicking 'Edit' in the detail form (detail_wf.htmpl), where: 1) if you change the Group to one the Assignee does not belong to, then the Assignee field is cleared; and 2) if you populate the Group and click on the Assignee lookup, then the selection list is filtered to members of the selected Group.  However, under 'Edit In List' the Group and Assignee fields behave independently of each other.  This is in 12.9 CP1.