CSI Reporting process (what's in YOUR CSI?)

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if anyone is interested, i have uploaded JCL to run the latest version of my CSI reporting tool - here is a sample:


1REPORT NO. 01                                 HUMANA IDMS R18 SYSMOD APPLY HISTORY RPT                          04/08/15 PAGE     1
0                                                                                                                 H I I
                                                                                                                  I N N
                                                                                                                  P P T
                                                                                                                  E R S
SYSMOD# APAR#     TYPE DATE/TIME           DESC                                                             CAR  R D T OWNING PROD
------- -------   ---- ------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---- - - - ------------

CAGJI00           FUNC 2011/06/02 11:13:07 CA IDMS Base Option
CAGJI01           FUNC 2011/06/02 11:13:08 CA IDMS CICS Support
RO30067 IDMS/4123 PTF  2011/06/14 15:48:50 DEFINE KEY ASSIGNMENTS DISPLAY HAS 'R17.0'                              Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO30418 IDMS/4116 PTF  2011/06/14 15:48:50 MAPC: OVERTYPING VARIABLE FIELDS CAN OVERLAY STORAGE                    Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO30578 IDMS/4125 PTF  2011/06/14 15:48:50 DISPLAY OF BUFFER SHOWS PREFETCH NOT ALLOWED.                           Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO30585 IDMS/4130 PTF  2011/06/14 15:48:50 CULPRIT S0C9 USING FB FORMAT CODE FOR LONG INTEGERS                     Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO30679 IDMS/4057 PTF  2011/06/20 11:07:32 IDMSJSRV LISTENER TIMEOUT VALUES IGNORED                                Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO31098 IDMS/4145 PTF  2011/06/20 11:07:32 A DISPLAY OF THE ARCHIVE JOURNAL DOESN'T SHOW BLOCK SIZE.               Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO31116 IDMS/4133 PTF  2011/06/20 11:07:32 CACHING FAULT MAY CAUSE 3003/3018 ERRORS IN DATA SHARING CV             Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO30594 IDMS/4134 PTF  2011/06/20 11:07:33 APPLICATION USER LIST DISPLAY HAS R170                                  Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO30601 IDMS/4136 PTF  2011/06/20 11:07:33 APPLICATION MENU FOR USER HAS R17.0                                     Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO30980 IDMS/4144 PTF  2011/06/20 11:07:33 VARIOUS ERRORS IN SCHEMA MAPPER AND DB/ANALYZER REPORTS                     CA IDMS Base
RO29749 IDMS/4074 PTF  2011/06/23 13:35:43 MULTIPLE ERRORS RUNNING THE TUNE INDEX UTILITY                              CA IDMS Base
RO30010 IDMS/4101 PTF  2011/06/24 15:52:19 DB AUDIT IDMSDBIO DIAGNOSTICS SYSLST CONCERN                            Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO30729 IDMS/4089 PTF  2011/06/30 16:49:10 DEFAULT IS ON: SUPPRESS RC=4 FOR LOAD MODULES                           Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO31540 IDMS/4150 PTF  2011/06/30 16:49:10 OPTIONAL BIT OPT00211 IS NOT HONOURED IN OLQBATCH                       Y Y CA IDMS Base
RO31998 IDMS/4139 PTF  2011/07/05 09:39:19 NEW SYSIDMS PARM TO CONTROL DBIO HICCUP WAITS                               CA IDMS Base
RO31795 IDMS/4162 PTF  2011/07/06 12:40:57 S0C4 OR INCORRECT STATISTICS FROM UPDATE STATISTICS                     Y Y CA IDMS Base

new in this version?

inclusing of problem number and whether or not the fix has been applied to prod and/or test


the community upload processes zipped them,

CSI REPORTING JCL and csi report output