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DLP 15. Installation Steps

Question asked by Fayyaz on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by Fayyaz

Hi there!!


Can anyone tell me what are the steps to install and configure DLP 15 Server. I saw the doc from CA but I am confused.


First I have install the windows 2008 r2 Server . Second I installed the SQL Express on the Server. Then I install the DLP 15. and I choose the Advanced option from advanced option I choose CA Data Protection Platform.  Dose anyone know what other models I have install in the server.


I like to describe here that we have more then 5000 users and we are using Active directory server. But of-course I can not install DLP on production. we have created the test environment.


I need help to prepare DLP sever from the first step. I really appreciate if anyone can guide me step by step.


Thank you