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Query for QHV to get Traces with 'root' keyword

Question asked by Vaibhav Vir Singh on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Vaibhav Vir Singh

Hi Experts,


Actually I am trying to pull traces (Sampled or Normal) with specific component being the filter.

I came to know that 'root' keyword could be used to extract the trace relevant to that component, but I am not able to find this in all the cases.


To elaborate, In my Investigator I have portlets with path as -

WebSphere Portal|Portlets|ABC


Now I want to pull the traces which are containing component ABC. So I used below Query which is not working -

"type:sampled AND root:WebSphere Portal|Portlets|ABC"


I checked that we do have sampled traces containing ABC component. But still not been able to.

Can somebody help me with this regard ?


Appreciate your help.