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Support Automation behavior after applying cume 2 for version 12.7

Question asked by tzadell on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2015 by tzadell

Hi everyone,


There are 2 ways to invite a customer to a Support Automation session from a ticket --


1)  Click on the 'Logs' tab, then the 'Support Automation' sub-tab, and click the 'Invite End User' button.

2)  Click on the Activities menu and select 'Live Assistance'.


Both of these methods give you the screen to create your email invitation to be sent to the customer.  And when the customer clicks on the link in the email to join the session, I'm pretty sure they both functioned exactly the same before cume 2 was applied.


But what I'm seeing now is that method #1 takes the customer right into the session with the analyst who invited you.  But method #2 is taking you into the 'Support' queue to be 'picked up'.  The analysts who are monitoring the support queue can see the customer waiting, and they don't know that another analyst has invited that customer directly from a ticket.  The analyst who invited that customer can see on the SA screen that they're in a session for an existing ticket, but when they click on the name and click on 'handle session', the screen changes to creating a 'new ticket' instead -- (just like when the customer comes into the support queue by clicking on the 'Live Chat' button from the employee interface).


I'm looking for confirmation if method #1 and #2 worked exactly the same on version 12.7 without cume 2 applied or not.  If it did, then maybe this is a new bug.  But if these 2 methods worked differently all along and they're intended to work differently, then I have some documentation to revise!