CA IDMS 19.0 - new modernization features now available for customer validation

Discussion created by GregB Employee on May 6, 2015

The CA IDMS product team is excited to release test versions of the CA IDMS Web Services Consumer and CA IDMS SQL Virtual Foreign Key Select (partial) features for download and immediate testing located on the (Centercode).  

If you haven't yet registered for 19.0 customer validation - which is similar to what we called beta - you can register

The features are found under the CA IDMS 19.0 project, with the Web Services Consumer under Incremental Releases and the SQL Virtual Foreign Key feature under Preview PTFs.  Both features include documentation and an APAR or PTF.   We have a short four-week testing cycle to early June, so check them out and get started as soon as you can; we welcome your questions and feedback. 


  • CA IDMS Web Services Consumer is an IDMS modernization feature that enables CA IDMS/DC and CA ADS application programs to access Web services running anywhere in your modern application architecture.  The Web Services Consumer supports outbound Web services requests and replies in a CA IDMS application. Using CA IDMS SQL procedures, you can also consume Web services from a CICS application, a batch application, and a Java or Web application through CA IDMS Server.


  • The CA IDMS SQL Virtual Foreign key feature enhances SQL capabilities to access IDMS network databases. This enables modern SQL programmers and development tools to access CA IDMS without having to know CA IDMS navigation or any CA IDMS extensions or special syntax.   This test version implements partial support for SELECT including SELECT *, equijoins, unions and metadata through JDBC.