Can you give me a best example on how to work on alerts?

Discussion created by Arwintrambulo on May 6, 2015
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Hi CA Experts,

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I attached in this thread the sample metrics that i want to monitor.

Im just confused on what value can i put in danger and caution alerts.


Im a bit having a hard time to sync the info in the document.


1. Threshold
Specifies a value that triggers a danger alert or caution alert.
Note: The Danger threshold value must correspond to the value used in the metric grouping.

The following options set the ratio of excessive periods that must be met for CA Introscope® to trigger the alert. For example, enter 8 and 10. The danger alert triggers only when the metric exceeds the danger threshold in 8 of the 10 observed periods.

Periods Over Threshold
Specifies the maximum number of periods that the threshold can exceed before an alert is triggered.
Observed Periods
Specifies the total number of periods being monitored for each alert iteration.


Thank you so much for your assistance.