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How do I have a multi-value lookup also allow for nulls in BOE Webi?

Question asked by Lowell on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by Lowell

I have a Condition in the Out of the box universe that allows users to select one or multiple OBSes for filter in a report.  The issue is that the Condition always requires an entry to be selected.  The users want the prompt to be "optional".  How do I set this code to allow the user to "NOT" select anything?


(RPT_RES_SRM_RESOURCES.ID IN (SELECT OBSA.RECORD_ID FROM PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS OBSA, NBI_DIM_OBS_FLAT OBSF WHERE OBSA.TABLE_NAME = 'SRM_RESOURCES' AND OBSA.UNIT_ID = OBSF.CHILD_OBS_UNIT_ID AND OBSF.PARENT_OBS_UNIT_ID IN @Prompt('param_r_obs_unit','N',,multi,free)) AND 0 NOT IN @Prompt('param_r_obs_unit','N',,multi,free))  OR 0 IN  @Prompt('param_r_obs_unit','N',,multi,free)


The @Prompt seems to always "require" a user to select something.  Is there another @Function that will allow me to replace the @Prompt in this statement?  The goal is to have the OBS filter be "optional".