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Reading rows from delimited file loses padded spaces

Question asked by BIGCHAW on May 6, 2015

Hi Everyone,

     I am attempting to read in rows from a delimited file.  I have the header row with delimited fields, and then have the second row with the acutal business data, also delimited.  When I attempt to import into LISA, and use the Test and Keep function to validate if the data looks correct, the data is all there, but all the padded spaces in my fields are gone?  Since its a fixed width file, the spaces are necessary.  Not sure if its my formatting of the input file, but I've seemingly tried them all, UTF-8, DOS, ASCII, UNIX, etc...  Anyone have any insight as to why LISA is stripping off my padded spaces?  I have verified in my second line of the file that they are there, so the file is fine.  Thanks!